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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer sets new standards in simple, mobile astrophotography of wide field fields wide-field astrophotography. It is a small and inconspicuous device, which in essence is a precise and advanced parallactic head with a number of very useful features.

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A set of functions allows you to quickly and efficiently take high-quality photos of the night sky. In addition to many tracking speeds, the head has an autoguid port and allows you to trigger the camera shutter in any time intervals set by means of advanced Firmware.

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With this head, you can create not only beautiful of astronomy with many individual frames, test montażu nocnego well as time-lapse sequences time lapse with moving background and relatively now?

The modern drive solution with the use of a DC servo not only allows precise control of tracking speed, but also a compact and very economical solution - Star Adventurer can work for a few days on a single set of batteries. Field tests have shown that this assembly is able to perform practically error-free exposures of up to 5 minutes using a standard 50 mm focal length lens.

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With the optional autoguider, you can use lenses with a montaż członka małych length test montażu nocnego to mm without any obstacles.

The work with the head is facilitated by a very precise, illuminated polar scopes, which will not be achieved with much larger and more expensive parallactic assemblies.

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It takes into account the correction of the position of the North Pole due to precession, and the polarity of the pole is facilitated by legible descriptions and the annual scale.

It is possible to equip the Star Adventurer head with a high-quality ball head, which gives the photographer unlimited freedom in the selection of a photo composition.

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For ergonomic and functional reasons, the Star Adventurer has one movable shaft in right ascension, which can be quickly moved during operation using an adjustable mechanical clutch.