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Montaż w 50


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    It works montaż w 50 in domes dedicated to large telescopes, it is used to equip AstroBaz. It is one of the most powerful assemblies on the market. Thanks to the 55 mm diameter of the axle made of high quality steel and 22 cm drive gear, it can handle loads of up to 50 kg.

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    Its distinctive feature is the execution of the head body in CNC technology, in contrast to the currently dominant castings of various types. The shape of the head is slightly angular, which is typical for parallormal assemblies of this size.

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    The finish is very aesthetic and solid. Dual axle encoder system The dual axle encoder system enables electronic or manual redirection of the telescope to another object without interrupting the montaż w 50 tracking of the object.

    After that, the assembly automatically switches to its tracking without requiring any leveling. Ideally suited to remote observers.

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    High resolution stepper motors The installation uses bibar stepper motors with a resolution of 0. Between the calmer shaft and the motor shaft, an 1: 1 belt transmission was used in the axis in the right-of-radicals axis, thanks to which the vibrations transmitted from the telescope's axis drive are eliminated.

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    The PE assembly spectrum can be adjusted very precisely. Computerized service The assembly mechanics include an advanced SynScan controller, enabling the use of advanced tracking, correction and GOTO functions.

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    It can also be controlled using the SynScan Tour. Simplifying the mechanics of the transmission gears has a positive effect on the effect of the PEC. Convenient assembly editing Automatic return of the assembly to the starting position with automatic setting on the initial markers.

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    It has been made of high quality, cold-rolled, high-carbon steel and montaż w 50 be increased up to mm. The tripod uses a double clamping system and column binding to ensure an even distribution of forces on the outside and a lower support for stiffening the inside of the tripod. Thanks to the stable pole, you can additionally adjust the height between and mm.

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    Additional features "Snap" jack - 2. The set includes a suitable cable that matches every three and four-digit model from Canon. Additionally, in the SynScan remote menu there is an option to change the number of exposures, the space between them and their duration - just like in a programmable cable switch.

    Note: due to its weight, dimensions and price, this product is usually shipped on a pallet - delivery time can be extended by days for this reason.

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